Extension Types


Hair Extensions in Australia are becoming very popular. There are many methods applying you hair extensions and each method suits different people depending on their needs and look they wish to create.

The most time consuming and hence most expensive method is having your Hair Extensions sewn in to your own hair. This is achieved by making a braid with your own hair that runs horizontally around the scalp or in what ever place you wish to apply the extensions. Once your hair is braided the Human Hair Extension Wefts are sewn into the braid and are permanently attached to your hair. The advantage of this method is that there are no glues or micro links that are applied to your own hair and thus less damage to your hair. However one major factor to consider is that as the braid is made quite tightly it can lead to traction alopecia (hair loss due to constant tension) if you have fine hair both in quality and volume.

Micro Links are a newer and popular option for attaching your Fusion Human Hair Extensions. However although to a lesser degree than glues they still can cause a little damage to your own hair while wearing and during application and removal – particularly if the person applying them is less experienced or the micro links are the older style without a silicone lining in the center which provides some cushioning for your hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions are by far the most popular and affordable method of attaching your hair extensions as the can be done by yourself rather than having to have them applied by a professional. Clips in extensions also offer more flexibility as they can be taken in and out as needed making them easier to care for as well.

A relatively new method of application is the use of special tapes with extensions designed for this purpose. Tape In Hair Extensions are sold ready with the tape attached. The extensions pieces are simply applied in the same way you would when using glue, however the tape holds the extension pieces in place rather than glue. The tape is softer, less obtrusive and less likely to irritate your scalp than glue not to mention that their removal is less likely to damage your hair. Having said that they are on the lower end of the scale when it comes to the length of time they will stay in without re-applying.

Choosing the best method is really a personal decision on the outcome you want to achieve.

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