Wearing & Caring for a Hairpiece

Clip In Hair pieces are a great way of camouflaging hair loss or simply to add a different style to one’s hair. With a little care hairpieces can be very easy to wear and can look great.
A hairpiece wearer must be ever vigilant to assure their hairpiece looks natural at all times and well groomed, but not too well groomed. It has to be cleaned and styled to look good…but not too good. The wearer’s real growing hair on the back and sides of the head must be trimmed as needed to match the length of the hair in the hairpiece, which obviously does not grow at all.
When the hairpiece wearer begins to develop gray hair, the hair- piece must be altered or replaced to blend in with the changes. And all hairpieces wear out eventually, and must be repaired or replaced periodically before they look too unnatural. It is always good to match the hairpiece to your own hair as close as possible.

If you are wearing a hairpiece all the time, then having at least two hairpieces would be recommended. This allows for one hairpiece to be cleaned while they other is worn. Some hairpiece wearers have up to four so they have flexibility in case one needs repairing or a special night out requires a new piece.

Often hairpiece wearers worry about the hairpiece becoming loose. Most popular methods today are double-sided tape, weaving, and liquid adhesives. Double-sided tape is fast and clean, and allows a hairpiece to be easily removed at night.

There are many types of hairpieces to accommodate what area you need to cover. There are Clip in Fringe Hair Pieces, Top pieces to cover a thinning scalp and many more variations. False eyelashes and False eyebrows can help for a person who has lost too.

Liquid adhesive attachment is also very secure, and allows the hairpiece to remain in place for a month or longer. With adhesive attachment, the scalp is cleaned, adhesive is applied, and the hair- piece is pressed into place.
A hairpiece must be cleaned regularly to avoid bad smell and scalp problems. Those hairpiece users who choose to have their units glued on for a month or longer, must take care to wash under their hairpiece regularly to avoid odours and possible skin irritation and infection. A hairpiece gives freedom and confidence to the sufferer of hair loss.

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