How to care for your Hair extensions

Hair extensions come in many lengths and colours giving you a wide range of options to recreate your hair style. It is a little different than looking after your own hair as the hair extensions do not receive nutrients from the scalp and do not regrow as your own hair does. However with proper care and maintenance Hair Extensions can last quite some time.

Washing your hair

One of the most important factors in caring for your Human Hair Extensions is the careful selection and use of good quality shampoos and conditioners. Salon products are a little more expensive than their supermarket alternatives, however they are an investment in the care of your Human Hair Extensions that will ensure they last a suitable length of time. Cheaper care products will often add a coating to the fibre that will tend to cause it to become dry and straw like after a short period of time.

When washing your extensions, as with sleeping, it is best to remove them entirely, if possible, and wash them separately. If however your Human Hair Extensions are applied using a more permanent method (i.e. glue, micro rings or sewn in) then the best method is to first lightly brush your hair to remove any small tangles that may have occurred during the day. Once your hair has been brushed the washing procedure is more a soft massaging of the hair between the palms of your hands rather than a vigorous rubbing of your hair as rubbing will cause tangling. Be sure to rinse the hair thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water. Towel drying your Human Hair Extensions should be done similarly to the washing with gentle patting of the hair and NOT rubbing of the Hair.

Styling your hair

If you need to style or dry the hair using a hair dryer it is best to dry the hair in small sections while the hair is being held over a soft brush rather than attempting to dry it loosely as this will cause your Hair Extensions to fly around and become tangled. It is always preferable to use cooler heat settings when doing this as excessive heat will tend to over dry the hair and shorten its life spam.

Before going to sleep it is highly recommended that you pull your hair into a soft pony tail to prevent the hair from tangling.

Exposure to environmental conditions

Another important factor affecting the wear and tear on your Human Hair Extensions is of course the environmental conditions they are exposed to. Long periods of time in the sun will affect the Hair as it will your own hair and you need to condition the Hair a little more often during the summer if you spend considerable time outdoors. If you decide to go swimming with your Human Hair Extensions you will need to condition them a little more often again as salt water will dry them out even more. Swimming in Chlorinated water is not recommended as the chlorine can affect not only structure of the hair itself but also the colour.

In short it is important to remember that although your Extensions are Human Hair they do need to be treated carefully as they are not living and do not receive nutrients from your scalp or replace themselves as your own hair does.