Taking Care of Hair Do True2Life and Human Hair Pieces

Taking care of your HairDo Pieces is very simple but necessary to make your pieces last as long as possible.  Hair pieces need to be washed every 8 -10 wears.  And there are a few Dos and Do nots. The Washing Process Gently remove tangles with your fingers or a Wide Tooth Comb. Start at […]

The Easipart Topper

The Easipart Topper is the best topper for a beginner.  Its base is only measures  5 inches x 2 3/4 inches and is available in 8″, 12′ and 18″ lengths.  The Easipart is also available in Human Hair and Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair. There are many variations of this Topper which makes it easy to […]

How to Wear an Easicrown with another Topper

There is no rules with toppers and what you can wear with them.  You can wear a topper with other hair extensions.  It’s totally up to you. The more hairpieces you use the more volume you can achieve. The Easipart from Jon Renau can easily be worn with the Easipieces by Jon Renau or the […]

What is a Topper and How do I Choose the Right Topper?

Toppers are the best hair addition for those wanting more volume or a hairpiece to cover partial hair loss. They come in all ranges of synthetic and human hair, different base sizes and lengths. Most toppers are designed to be clipped on to your existing hair. Some Toppers have clips that are removable so you […]

How do I Put on a Topper

Toppers allow the wearer to add volume to their own hair with very little fuss. They are ideal with those living with partial hair loss and don’t require a wig. Wearing a Topper can take some practice to start with.  It will take time in gaining confidence in wearing your hairpiece.   With a little practice […]