What is a Topper and How do I Choose the Right Topper?

Toppers are the best hair addition for those wanting more volume or a hairpiece to cover partial hair loss. They come in all ranges of synthetic and human hair, different base sizes and lengths. Most toppers are designed to be clipped on to your existing hair. Some Toppers have clips that are removable so you can use tape to place where there is patches of hair loss.  We have a full range of Toppers from Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, Hair Do and Henry Margu. All of these brands are reputable companies and offer quality hair pieces.


Choosing the right topper can be difficult but we have tried to make it as easy as we can.

Below you can see a chart of some of the toppers we carry showing you the different bases, length of hair and what stages fo hair loss they are ideal for. The bases range from small to very large right up to 11′ x 11″.  They are designed to cover and integrate with your own biological hair.


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