How To Choose the Length of Topper You Need

There are no hard and fast rules with Toppers.  You can have a topper that is a little shorter or longer than your own hair.  Its always a good idea to take your topper to a hair dresser who can trim the topper to suit your existing style.  It can be layered if your hair is vey layered.  You want the hairpiece to look just like your own hair but with more volume and maybe a little extra length.


Colour is important to match and /or compliment your own hair.  Some toppers have highlights and as long as the base colour of your hair matches it can give you a beautiful look. Its all up to you to create the look you are longing for.




We are always happy to hear from our clients for any extra advice or queries.  You can see a full range of toppers on our website or call us on 1300 971 696.


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