Taking Care of Hair Do True2Life and Human Hair Pieces

Taking care of your HairDo Pieces is very simple but necessary to make your pieces last as long as possible.  Hair pieces need to be washed every 8 -10 wears.  And there are a few Dos and Do nots.

The Washing Process

  1. Gently remove tangles with your fingers or a Wide Tooth Comb. Start at the ends and slowly work your way up to avoid damaging the fibre. Do not use a brush as you may loose some hair.
  2. Add a small amount of Shampoo to a washbasin of cool water.
  3. Place your hair piece or extensions in the basin and allow to soak for 5 minutes only.  Do not scrunch or agitate the product.
  4. Rinse under running water until the water runs clear. Use a clean dry towel to press out any excess water. Gently pat and do not twist or wring.
  5. Apply a light coat of the Conditioner avoiding the base and the roots.  Apply conditioner to the base may cause shedding of hair.
  6. Place the wet hair piece on a towel to dry. Finger styling is recommended.


  1. Shake and style with your fingers to achieve the desired look. We recommend a wide Tooth Styling Comb or fingers to style.
  2. Apply a light mist of Leave-in Conditioner + Detangler to difficult tangles if needed
  3. True2life ™ Heat-friendly synthetic fibre can be curled, blow dried or flat ironed to achieve a different hairstyle.

    True2life™ Heat-friendly synthetic fibre can withstand heat up to 350°F/180°C. We recommend a low-medium setting

  4. To straighten, take a 1 inch section starting at the roots and run a flat iron to the ends.

    To curl, wrap the hair around a curling iron and hold for 10 seconds.

    Carefully slide the iron out and pin the curl in place and oNce the fibre is completely cooled it will keep the curl in until you apply heat again. 

Dos and Do Nots

  1. Soaking longer than recommended will damage the product.
  2. Hot water will damage the fibre.  Only use cool water.
  3. Be careful around appliances like the oven door can damage True2Life Fibre.
  4. Don’t sleep, shower or swim with your hairpieces as it may damage the fibre.
  5. Store Pieces flat to avoid kinks and crimps.


Revive your hairpieces

After extended wear, matting and frizzing can occur.  If this happens was, condition and blow dry to give your hairpiece that smooth look just like new. Make sure you keep your heating tools at a low temperature in order to not damage your pieces.


Human Hair Pieces

You can follow the above instructions in washing your hair pieces with your human hair pieces as well. All the same rules apply except human hair can tolerate higher heat temperatures.  Its always a good idea to start on a low temperature and if you can achieve the look you like then you can decide if you want to use higher heat.


Enjoy your hair pieces and create your own look.

We are always happy to hear from our clients for any extra advice or queries.  You can see a full range of toppers on our website www.hairextensionsdirect.com.au or call us on 1300 971 696.





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