How do I Put on a Topper

Toppers allow the wearer to add volume to their own hair with very little fuss. They are ideal with those living with partial hair loss and don’t require a wig. Wearing a Topper can take some practice to start with.  It will take time in gaining confidence in wearing your hairpiece.   With a little practice you will be wearing your topper confidently and will start to feel undressed without it.

Here are some tips to consider:

1. Consider what fibre you want to use.  Human Hair is more expensive but will last longer.  Heat Defiant is less expensive and you can apply heat to style.

2. Measure your head to determine what size base you need.  The bigger the base the more volume you will have.  If you are new to toppers you might want to start with a smaller base first.

3. Get a hairdresser to customise your topper to make it your own style.

4. Watch you tube videos to see how others apply and wear their toppers.  Toppers are flexible in that you can place them on your head to suit where you need the most coverage.  Watching others can give you more ideas to apply your own topper.



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